Hello Kitty Lovers Unite

Calling All Hello Kitty Lovers!

How deep does your love for Sanrio’s favorite kitty est. in 1974?

So, you might call me a bit of a fanatic when it comes to Hello Kitty. My mom grew up on Sanrio and Hello Kitty was always her favorite, so naturally I followed in her footsteps and we both became Hello Kitty Lovers. 

When I was growing up if I did good in school my moms way of treating me would be to take me to Southland Mall in Hayward, Ca and go to the Sanrio Store to pick out one of the little surprise grab bags or spin the wheel that they had to determine your prize. These memories were always ones that I think back on when I see Hello Kitty, that little cartoon cat makes me so happy! 

When I was in my early 20’s my little brother and family friend Robert Souza (founder of Castro Valley News) took me to get my second tattoo. We went to a tattoo shop in Castro Valley and I got a Hello Kitty with a leopard bow on my upper chest… that is how much I love Hello Kitty. 

Hello Kitty Lovers Tattoo

Fun Fact For Hello Kitty Lovers

Hello Kitty has her own branded album, Hello World, featuring Hello Kitty-inspired songs performed by a collection of artists including Keke Palmer, Cori Yarckin, and Ainjel Emme under Hello Kitty’s Lakeshore Records record label

How do you show off your love for hello kitty?

Are you a big fan of collecting Sanrio still? I like to collect the Hello Kitty Funko Pop! figures. I had Joe install a shelf in my craft studio to display all of the them. I also love to collect pins and cups anywhere that I visit. So If I visit a new city I try to find a Hello Kitty pin and/or mug. 

I was SO excited when Joe (my husband and Co-Founder of Pop Central decided to bring a collection of FiGPiNs to the website, and of course he had to include Hello Kitty! I will be rocking one of these beautiful pins on one of my Disney Cakeworthy jean jackets. 

I would LOVE to see how you collect Hello Kitty, share in the comments below! 


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