About The Pulleys; We Are Collectors Just Like You.

“When we put together the Pop Central Shop we wanted to pass on the same joy we got from unboxing a new Funko, Loungefly backpack, or buying a brand new tumbler or cup from our favorite beverage shop to our customers.

Whether you are ordering a Funko pop from our Personal Collection or placing an order for a handcrafted tumbler you can take care in knowing your product will come from a home that truly cares about their collection. We take pride in all things shipped out from our shop.”

-The Pulleys 

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Want to know more about the personal collection?

Joe has been collecting Funko Pops since 2018 when he bought his first pop (a 6″ Goro from Mortal Kombat) at a local comic book store in Livermore California. Ever since he has been an avid collector and now has over 1,800 pops in the Personal Collection from many different franchises. Joe is the kind of collector that keeps every pop in it’s original box (they’ve never even been taken out!) and uses a pop shield protector for all of them… outside of the 10″ ones.

Knowing your pops come from a home that has cared for them, and from a collector who knows Funko’s you can rest assured you will be happy with your purchase. 

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Learn More About Felicia – The Artist Behind Our Handcrafted Creations.

Felicia has always had her hands in something creative. She has been a maker of all things for as long as she can remember. Starting with sewing her own Barbie clothes when she was in elementary school and helping her mom with art projects to getting a degree in Production Design and Editing for film and tv. If you had to pick one word to describe Felicia it would be “Creative” she has been channeling her artistry for the last few years with stainless steel resin tumblers + has grown a deep love for all things related to resin art and glitter.

You can call Felicia a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to her craft, which means when you spend money on a handcrafted tumbler it will be picture perfect and will last you years to come! 

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