Collecting Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures – A Guide For You

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Humans have been known to collect things since we’ve stopped being nomadic and settled down. The act of collecting provides the collector with a purpose and quest. It also gives them a sense of joy upon finding the desired item to add to their collection. Collecting Funko Pop! figures can also provide additional income to those who treat their collections like investments and sell when a particular item reaches peak value.

Why are people collecting Funko Pop! Figures?

In addition to the standard benefits of collecting, choosing to collect Funko Pop! figures, in particular, comes with its own advantages:

  • The financial barrier to entry is relatively low. It’s easy to get started and buy your first Pop! for less than $10.
  • If it exists, there’s likely a Pop! for it. This means that anyone interested in collecting Pop! figures will be able to find a subset that speaks to them.

But what should I collect?

The only limit to deciding what you should collect is your imagination! Below is a list of some example collections:

  • Collecting all of the Marvel (or DC) characters.
  • Collecting the literary characters
  • Collecting Anime characters
  • Collecting horror figures
  • Collecting Athletes / WWE Wrestlers
elektra first appearance funko pop!
stan lee astronaut funko pop!
diamond coca-cola bear funko pop!

Maybe you love the color blue and want to collect every blue Pop! from Smurfette to the Blue Lantern. Or perhaps you want to focus on collecting Funko pops that are all non-human figures. Get creative!

If you’re unsure what niche you’d like to have, you can focus solely on the condition. Perhaps you’ll only collect figures in immaculate condition. Or maybe you’ll concentrate on getting the special releases exclusive to a particular store or convention (such as Comic-Con).

The possibilities are endless.

How do I find and buy figures?

Once you’ve decided what you’d like to start collecting, the fun begins!

  1. Start by getting connected! Some social media groups discuss news releases and figures that are highly sought after. You can also follow Funko to be sure you know when new figures are coming out.
  2. You can purchase Pop! from reputable sellers like us, social marketplaces, and used comic/gaming shops. By staying connected in step 1, you’ll be equipped to know where and when to shop for any new releases.
  3. Beware of Imposters. Yes, there are fake Pop! figures out there. Your newly-found community can help you in identifying fakes. Other things to keep in mind:
  • Is the selling price similar to the pop price guide? If it’s significantly lower, there’s a good chance it’s fake.
  • Are there reviews of the seller? Be sure to avoid sellers with little to no feedback or largely negative feedback.
  • Check the Pop! box to make sure it has a product number that includes the year and item number produced. Also, make sure that the number on the box is the correct number!
  • If purchasing online, ask to see an image of the feet and make sure the number is correct (and that the feet are painted).
collecting funko marvel figures

I have my Pop! Figures! Now what?

Once you have your treasures, you’ll need to set up a space for display that both brings you joy and keeps the figures protected. If you’re concerned about maximizing the value of your figure, be sure to keep Pop! in their original box and keep the box in pristine condition. The value goes down by about 80% if the package is opened or for loose figures. Keeping the figure in the box also helps keep the dust bunnies away from the figure itself. You can also invest in popshield pop protectors as an added layer of condition protection.

If you don’t have the desire or space to display all of your Pop!, get some air-tight storage containers to store the other items of your collection. Be sure to label the tubs (do not write on the Pop! boxes themselves) so that you can find them again later.

Your collection begins as soon as you envision it. Here at Pop Central, we can help get you started, and we’re so excited to help you begin your collection journey!

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