Unlock a FiGPiN – A Step by Step Guide


how to unlock a figpin

POP Central’s Guide To Get The Most Out Of the FiGPiN Experience.

STEP 1. Purchase a FiGPiN (at least one, but we won’t judge if you end up with more in your cart).


STEP 2. Take your FiGPiN out of the acrylic case.

Step 3. Download the FiGPiN app from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store and create an account.

Step 4: Make note of the serial number on the back of the FiGPiN.

Step 5:  Navigate to the unlock section ( indicated with an unlocked lock) in the menu to unlock A FiGPiN one at a time by typing in the unique serial number you made note of in step four. When you type in your serial number you will see your FiGPiN’s Factory score.

unlock a figpin to see the stats

Step 6: Click on the Adopter Button (that will be orange and locked) to add this FiGPiN in your personal collection and get your adopter score.


UNLOCK A FIGPIN USING OUR STEP BY STEP GUIDE AND TELL US HOW YOU DID IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!  Are you on Instagram? follow us for more tips @popcentralshop

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